Thursday, January 23, 2014

Warmest Welcome!

Welcome to Green Goddess Eco Farm's blog! We are a small urban farm located in the Western Mountains of Maine. At Green Goddess Eco Farm (GGEF) we are in the early process of turning our little corner of this beautiful planet into a food forest that utilizes the principals of Permaculture and regenerative design throughout. Our main goals at this point are to restore the landscape while feeding our own family, as well as a few other families along the way.  We hope to have demonstration gardens set up for the 2015 season, if not sooner. 

As you can see above, we have a lovely flock of ducks. That handsome drake is Flower, one of our Magpie ducks. As well as Magpies, we have a chocolate Runner and some fawn and white Runners. 

Although the word "we" gets used a lot, you will mostly hear from the tree hugging dirt worshiper, the permie with a million ideas. Since that is a rather long name, you can call me Aimee. The guy with the greenest thumb around here? That's my husband Jon. And the biggest little helpers are Aiden (8) and Keira (5). Aiden especially enjoys falling asleep to excerpts from Permaculture books and watching Permie videos on YouTube with his mama.   

We look forward to sharing our journeys with you! 

Warmest Blessings,
Aimee & the crew at GGEF

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