Sunday, April 13, 2014

Permaculture Ethics

Permaculture Ethics 

Care of the Earth
Care of People
Fair Share 

The Ethics of Permaculture are simple, yet ginormous at the same time. Whenever making a decision or beginning a design, it is important to make sure that the ethics are at the very heart of your approach. Sustainability begins with these ethics. They ensure balance.

Care of the Earth means recognizing Earth as a living entity, connected to all that live upon her. Not only are we all connected to her, but we are dependent on her. Each of us has an innate responsibility to her, all creatures and her resources. 

Care of People means cooperation amongst people. Healthy people building healthy societies. Each person has the right and ability to provide for their needs and wants, while at the same time recognizing and appreciating the needs and wants of others. 

Fair share means recognizing and appreciating the limited resources available at all times. We are capable of creating our own resources. While creating an abundance, we should always invest our surplus in the first two ethics.

If ethics are the moral values that govern a person or group's behaviors, imagine a planet Earth full of people following these ethics.

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